Cripple H
Cripple H
"It's What's Best....for Bullshit!"

Full Name Cripple H
Friends HBK
Seth Trollins
Bullshit Barra
Step-on-me McMahon
Rival Shaggy Rogers
Age 44
Held a Championship
Tag Team HBK
In love with Step-on-me McMahon

 Cripple H is the CEO from GTS Wrestling

Rivals with KaminaEdit

On GTS Wrestling, Criple H made a match for Kamina to fight Toon Donkey Kong for the Triple Fuck a Duck Championship, but Toon Donkey Kong won, then he send out HBK to attack him and destory his Gamcube

On Paybitch, he won the Three on Two match, Seth Trollins curb stomp Kamina, twice

On GTS Wrestling, June 23, He's fires Big the Cat

Fighting Shaggy RogersEdit

On a other GTS Wrestling, Shaggy say that Criple H was out of control, and Criple H made a match for him and Shaggy

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