Full Name Jeff
Friends Clarence (Sometimes)
Rival Clarence
Meth Hardy/Pillow
Age Unknown
Held a Championship Unknown
Tag Team Unknown
In love with Unknown

 Jeff is the asshole to Clarence, and is one of the members of the Authority Ministry


He made he's Debut in Battleballs where he defeated Clarence

Rivals with WoodyEdit

On GTS Wrestling: Chaos everywhere

Jeff attacks Woody then on GTS One Night Sex, he and Clarence was defeated by Jacob in a Spinner match to become the new Triple Fuck a Duck then Woody attack him to get some payback, so he called the cops that Woody was being High, then on GTS Wrestling: The Authority Ministry, He attacks Woody again for some Payback, and Woody gets a match againest The Anti-Hero Stu Pickles and Jeff is the ref for this match

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